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As electric vehicles become the norm, Calgary homeowners are increasingly looking for convenient, efficient ways to charge their EVs at home. Ampt Over Electric leads the way in EV charger installations, providing expert services that blend seamlessly with your lifestyle and home’s electrical system. Transform your garage into a state-of-the-art charging station and embrace the future of transportation with confidence.

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The Roadblocks to Home EV Charging

Complex Installation Requirements

Installing an EV charger involves more than just plugging in a device. Navigating the technical complexities to ensure safe, efficient operation can be daunting without professional help.

Inadequate Electrical Systems

Many homes aren’t initially equipped to handle the additional load of an EV charger. Upgrading your electrical system to support fast, efficient charging is often necessary.

Permit and Regulation Navigation

The installation process is regulated by local codes and often requires specific permits. Understanding and complying with these regulations can be a significant hurdle for homeowners.

Choosing the Right Charger

With a variety of EV chargers on the market, selecting the one that best suits your vehicle and lifestyle needs can be challenging without expert guidance.

Future-Proofing Your Installation

As technology advances, ensuring your EV charger and electrical system can adapt to future demands is essential for long-term satisfaction and utility.

Safety Concerns

Improper installation can lead to safety risks, including electrical hazards or damage to your vehicle. Professional installation is key to avoiding these issues.

A New Era of Home Charging

Embrace the Convenience of Home EV Charging Imagine the convenience of waking up each morning to a fully charged electric vehicle, ready to take on the day’s adventures. With Ampt Over Electric, this convenience becomes a reality for Calgary homeowners. Our expert EV charger installation services transform your home into a forward-thinking hub of efficiency and sustainability.

Jorden McCullough

CEO & Master Electrician

Expert EV Charger Installation Services for Your Calgary Home

Customized Installation Plans

Our team crafts personalized installation plans tailored to your home’s layout and electrical capacity, ensuring your EV charger is set up for optimal performance and convenience.

Electrical System Upgrades

If needed, we provide comprehensive electrical upgrades to prepare your home for the demands of EV charging, enhancing overall safety and efficiency.

Hassle-Free Permit and Compliance

Ampt Over Electric handles all aspects of permit acquisition and ensures your installation complies with local regulations, providing a smooth, hassle-free process.

Guidance on Charger Selection

Leveraging our expertise, we guide you through selecting the ideal EV charger for your vehicle, considering factors like charging speed, connectivity, and budget.

Future-Proof Charging Solutions

Our installations are designed with the future in mind, offering the flexibility to upgrade and adapt as EV technology evolves, ensuring your setup remains compatible and efficient.

Safety-First Approach

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to the highest standards of installation practice, ensuring your EV charging station is safe, reliable, and ready to power your vehicle for years to come.

Calgary EV Charger Installation Service By Trusted Calgary Electricians.

Join the Home EV Charging Revolution Ready to enjoy the freedom and convenience of home EV charging? Contact Ampt Over Electric today to discuss our EV charger installation services. Power your electric vehicle from the comfort of your Calgary home and drive into a greener, more sustainable future.


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What To Expect From EV Charger Installation Services By Our Calgary Electricians

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Ampt Over Electric manages all necessary permits to ensure your service meets local codes and regulations.

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