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Electrical Panel Upgrade Violations

Common Electrical Panel Upgrade Violations in Calgary

Electricians, in general, are trained to work as per the electrical code and usually, they will do their best to work without such mistakes. Our …

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5-10 Signs of Outdated Electrical Panels

What is Outdated Electrical Panels? An electrical service panel in your home is where the main power line from the national grid enters your home …

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Energy Demands for Panel Upgrades

What are Energy Demands for Panel Upgrades? The electrical panel is considered the heart of your home’s electrical system. It connects your home’s electrical system …

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Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

10 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Usually, when we replace an electrical panel (also called a breaker box), it’s because the panel is outdated and dangerous (a …

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Hot Tub Installations in Covid-19

Ampt Over Electric Announces Record Hot Tub Installations for Customers Managing with Covid-19 Pandemic Health Issues

Hot Tub Installations in Covid-19 Homeowners find alternative “stay-cation” options by installing residential hot tubs CALGARY, Alberta—MAY 27, 2021—Ampt Over Electric, which has installed over …

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Hot Tub Health Benefits

10 Hot Tub Health Benefits You Should Know

10 Hot Tub Health Benefits Over the past year, we’ve seen a substantial increase in hot tub/ spa purchases due in part to the pandemic …

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