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Calgary homeowners understand the importance of a safe and efficient home electrical system. Ampt Over Electric, your local experts in Calgary electrical panel upgrades and replacements, ensures your home is equipped to meet today’s electrical demands while preparing for tomorrow’s innovations. Trust us to enhance the heart of your home’s electrical system, combining safety with efficiency.

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Electrical Panel Issues Facing Calgary Homeowners

Inadequate Electrical Supply

Does your Calgary home struggle to keep up with your electrical needs? Older electrical panels often fall short in supporting modern, high-demand appliances, leading to potential overloads and safety hazards.

Frequent Breaker Trips

Are you constantly resetting breakers? This inconvenient issue signals an electrical panel that can’t manage your home’s energy consumption, increasing the risk to your electronics and overall safety.

Potential Fire Hazards

The danger of outdated electrical panels extends beyond inefficiency, posing significant fire hazards. Ensuring your panel meets current standards is crucial for the safety of your Calgary home.

Increasing Energy Bills

An old electrical panel can be a hidden culprit behind rising energy costs. Upgrading can lead to more efficient energy use and lower bills, a benefit every Calgary homeowner appreciates.

Insurance Compliance Issues

Many insurance policies mandate up-to-date electrical systems. An electrical panel that doesn’t meet modern standards could affect your coverage and premiums.

Limitations on Home Improvements

Looking to renovate or add to your home? An outdated panel could significantly restrict your ability to enhance your living space, making upgrades a necessity for future projects.

A Home Ready for the Future

Embrace the Assurance of a Safe, Efficient Electrical System Imagine living in a home where every electrical aspect functions flawlessly, supported by an up-to-date panel that safeguards your family and powers your lifestyle efficiently. This vision is a reality for Calgary homeowners who choose Ampt Over Electric for their electrical panel upgrades. Experience unparalleled safety, efficiency, and readiness for whatever the future brings.

Jorden McCullough

CEO & Master Electrician

Solutions: Premier Calgary Electrical Panel Upgrades for Homeowners

Tailored Electrical Panel Upgrades

We provide customized electrical panel upgrades that cater specifically to the needs of Calgary homeowners. Our solutions not only ensure safety and efficiency but also future-proof your home for new technologies and additions.

Safety Inspections and Code Compliance

Every upgrade includes a thorough safety inspection to confirm that your home adheres to all local and national electrical codes, offering peace of mind and enhanced protection for your family.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Reduce your environmental footprint and energy bills with a modern electrical panel. Our upgrades optimize your home’s electrical system for peak performance, leading to significant energy savings.

Facilitated Insurance Processes

An updated electrical panel simplifies insurance matters, often leading to lower premiums and better coverage options, thanks to compliance with current safety standards.

Expanded Capacity for Home Enhancements

Dream big with your home improvements. Our electrical panel upgrades ensure you have the power capacity to support home additions, renovations, and the latest in home technology.

Upgrade Your Home’s Electrical Panel Today

Secure your business operations with our reliable backup power solutions. From uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to generator installations, we ensure you’re prepared for any outage.

Requesting Your Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement Estimate.

At Ampt Over Electric, we’ve simplified our approach to ensure every Calgary homeowner receives a personalized and accurate estimate for their Calgary electrical panel upgrade or replacement. Follow these easy steps to start your journey towards a safer and more efficient electrical system.


Submit Your Basic Contact Details.

Upon submission, we'll send you an email outlining all the information we need from you to proceed with the estimate.


Complete Panel Service Estimate Checklist.

Referencing our email, explain reasons for considering upgrade or replacement and include necessary details.


Approve Estimate, Schedule Service.

We'll create a precise estimate based on your details, aiming for cost-effective solutions with minimal disruption. Upon accepting the estimate, we'll schedule a convenient appointment.

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Important Information Regarding Your Calgary Electrical Panel Upgrade or Replacement Service

To make the upgrade process as smooth and efficient as possible, please note the following:


Ampt Over Electric manages all necessary permits to ensure your service meets local codes and regulations.

Power Outage

An 8-hour power outage is typically required to safely complete the upgrade. We recommend planning to be outside the home during this time.

Post-Estimate Process

Upon approval of your estimate, you’ll be invoiced for initial fees. Our team will coordinate service scheduling for a smooth transition.

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