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At Ampt Over Electric, we take pride in serving the Calgary community for over two decades. Our licensed and insured electricians in Calgary are committed to delivering exceptional electrical services to both residential and commercial clients.

We have earned an A+ rating with BBB and are highly regarded in Calgary for our exceptional workmanship. When you choose us, you can expect guaranteed satisfaction with every aspect of our service.

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Empowering Calgarians: Addressing Calgary's Electrical Concerns

In the heart of Calgary, electrical systems in homes and businesses face unique challenges. From outdated panels to the installation of modern EV chargers, skilled electricians are essential for safety and efficiency. Dive into the most common electrical problems that Calgary residents face and how professional solutions can light up their lives.

Residential Electrical Concerns

Calgary homeowners face challenges with new home construction and renovation permits, often struggling to meet the stringent local electrical codes. This not only delays projects but can also inflate costs significantly.

Commercial Electrical Demands

Calgary businesses require electrical contractors who can reliably handle complex installations and maintenance. The scarcity of experienced professionals can lead to operational disruptions and potential safety risks.

Outdated Electrical Panels

Calgary’s shift from 60-100 amp electrical panels and 100-200 amp panel upgrades is crucial for modern living, driven by regulatory updates and increased electrical demands in homes.

Demand for EV Charging Stations

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, Calgary’s infrastructure struggles to keep up, making home charging stations a necessity yet a challenge for many homeowners.

Hot Tub, Pool, and Spa Installations

The growing trend of home leisure installations in Calgary faces electrical challenges, from safe installation to ensuring consistent power supply, complicating the enjoyment of these amenities.

Aluminium Wiring Hazards

The presence of aluminum wiring in older Calgary homes presents significant safety risks, requiring urgent replacement to meet current standards and prevent potential electrical fires.

Illuminating Solutions: Ampt Over Electric's Commitment to Calgary.

At Ampt Over Electric, our mission is to illuminate Calgary homes and businesses with cutting-edge electrical solutions, combining decades of expertise with a deep commitment to safety, integrity, and innovation. As Calgary’s trusted electrical service provider, we address the city’s most pressing electrical challenges with precision and care. 

Jorden McCullough

CEO & Master Electrician

Elevating Residential Spaces

Our comprehensive approach to residential electrical concerns ensures every Calgary home meets stringent electrical codes, enhancing safety and efficiency without compromise.

Empowering Commercial Success

We deliver unmatched commercial electrical services, leveraging our extensive experience to offer reliable solutions that keep Calgary businesses thriving.

Modernizing Electrical Panels

With a focus on upgrading Calgary’s electrical infrastructure, we offer tailored solutions for panel upgrades, ensuring every home is powered safely and efficiently.

Charging Forward with EV Stations

As Calgary moves towards a greener future, we’re at the forefront of installing efficient EV charging stations, making sustainable living a convenient reality.

Enhancing Leisure with Safe Installations

Our expertise extends to the safe and efficient installation of hot tubs, pools, and spas, adding value and enjoyment to Calgary’s homes.

Safeguarding Homes with Wiring Solutions

We tackle the hazards of aluminum wiring head-on, replacing outdated systems with safer, modern alternatives to protect Calgary’s families and homes.

Integrating Smart Home Technology

Ampt Over Electric propels Calgary into the future with smart home integrations, making homes more efficient, secure, and comfortable, enhancing daily living with the latest technology.

Streamlining the Permit Process

We simplify the complexities of the permit process for our Calgary clients, ensuring electrical projects proceed smoothly and without delay, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and compliance.

Upholding Electrical Code Standards

Our dedication to meeting and exceeding electrical code standards in Calgary guarantees that every project is safe, efficient, and up to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Local Electrical Service From Trusted Calgary Electrical Company.

At Ampt Over Electric, we’ve simplified our approach to ensure every Calgary homeowner receives a personalized and accurate estimate for their electrical service. Follow these easy steps to start your journey towards a safer and more efficient electrical system.


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Upon submission, we'll send you an email outlining all the information we need from you to proceed with the estimate.


Complete Electrical Service Estimate Checklist.

Referencing our email, explain reasons for considering upgrade or replacement and include necessary details.


Approve Estimate, Schedule Service.

We'll create a precise estimate based on your details, aiming for cost-effective solutions with minimal disruption. Upon accepting the estimate, we'll schedule a convenient appointment.

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What To Expect From Our Calgary Electricians

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Ampt Over Electric manages all necessary permits to ensure your service meets local codes and regulations.

Post-Estimate Process

Upon approval of your estimate, you’ll be invoiced for initial fees. Our team will coordinate service scheduling for a smooth transition.

Professional Service

A friendly residential technician will show up on time and complete the service to your satisfaction guaranteed.

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