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We aren’t going to lie to you, we much rather prefer spending time in hot tubs than installing them. Ampt Over Electric has been helping home owners in Calgary with Hot Tub Electrical Installationhot tub electrical installation for decades. We are licensed and insured Calgary electricians with an A+ BBB Ratings and we are top rated Calgary electrical contractors around the city. Trust our Electrical Service Guarantee, and Electrical Code Guarantee!

Our electricians in Calgary are friendly, punctual, and provide fast service without compromising high standards. Contact us if your looking for someone to get the job done right guaranteed.

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Calgary Electrical Service

Call a Locally Trusted Hot Tub Installation Electrician

Wiring something built to hold water is not a task to take lightly. If you’re looking to ensure that the hot tub you just purchased is installed and wired safely, and runs well for many years to come, then AMPT Over Electric’s expert technicians should be the one’s completing the job.
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It takes a professional eye to spot potential dangers when installing your hot tub and eliminate the risk of electrocution, fire, or even death. Our experts will survey the area where your hot tub is to be installed and identify the best location for the hot tub electrical installation.

Electrical permits will also need to be pulled through the city of Calgary which our local Calgary electricians can take of for you.

We sometimes send someone out prior to your hot tub’s delivery date and prepare for the installation so that when the hot tub is delivered, the electrical installation and wiring goes smoothly, and your tub’s bubbling in no time.

Our expert technicians are skilled in the installation of all makes of hot tubs. Before we begin any work, we will always ensure that you are aware of any costs that you might incur and are comfortable with proceeding.


Calgary Electrical Service

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Hot Tub Electrical Installation by our Calgary Electricians

Our local Calgary electricians will come to your home at a time that is convenient for you and that fits your schedule best. We want to make this process as easy and painless as possible for you and go out of our way to do so. If that means coming a little later in the evening or on a weekend, then that’s what we’ll do. No matter the size, type, brand, or model of your tub, our service electricians are extremely capable of professionally installing it. We will ensure that the installation and wiring of your hot tub well exceed electrical industry standards and is safe for you to enjoy for years to come!
AMPT Electrician Hot Tub Installation

Hot Tub Delivery Service by our Calgary Electricians

For many, the delivery of a hot tub also brings the question, how are they going to get hot tub in here? Don’t worry, we can handle it. Like most things, the process becomes simple when you have the right tools, experience, and electricians to get the job done.

Apart from our hot tub electrical installation services we have can deliver the hot tub to your home, place it for you, do the electrical hook up and have you in your hot tub in no time. We take pride of the quality of our work and at how fast we get the job done.

Contact us today for inquiries about our hot tub delivery services.

Hot Tub Installation Service

Hot Tub Electrical Installation Preferred Delivery Program

This program we built for hot tub companies in Calgary to ensure the delivery and hot tub electrical hook ups go smoothly for their customers. We are currently partnered with a few different companies in Calgary providing this service.

If you own a hot tub company in Calgary, read through our preferred hot tub electrical installation partner program and let’s chat about us taking care of your hot tub deliveries and installations.

Ampt Over Electric – Hot Tub Installation Process

Hot tub electrical installation is a particularly meticulous task that requires a great deal of preparation and practice. Water can serve as a dangerous conduit for electricity and if your hot tub isn’t properly installed this can result in electrocution and fire leading to serious injury.

At Ampt Over Electric our team of highly skilled and licensed electricians scope out the area where you’d like to install your hot tub, and identify the best and safest location. Your safety is our number one priority!

Electrical Permits

With every new hot tub installation an electrical permit is required by the city of Calgary. We send our licensed electricians to your property before the hot tub is delivered to prepare for every stage of the installation and this includes pulling permits for your property.

Once all electrical components are all put into the place you can immediately start enjoying your new hot tub. We will always ensure that you’re aware of both the cost of installation and the risks involved so that you have all the information you need.

Delivering Your Hot Tub

At Ampt Over Electric we can install your hot tub no matter the size, type, brand, or model. Our schedules can also be made flexible to fit with yours – including evenings and weekends. We also pride ourselves on providing hot tub delivery services that are fast, efficient, and timely.

We will bring your hot tub right to your home, place it, hook up the electrical components and can have your new home spa ready over the course of one working day.

We usually deliver our hot tubs on a flat-bed trailer up to 5 metres long, 2.4 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. Your property must be able to be accessed by such a vehicle. A minimum of 1100 millimetres of width is required when offloading the hot tub to your site – a minimum clear vertical height of 9 feet will be required as well. Your hot tub will arrive as a complete unit and it cannot be disassembled.

It will then be placed on a trolley on either side or on its base. There may be extra planks that are required for negotiating slopes or other rough terrain – which will be discussed in advance of your hot tub delivery.

Installing Your Hot Tub

For installation, the hot tub needs to be on a flat surface that maintains complete contact with the floor. Home spa’s can weigh anywhere between 900 kg and 1400 kg when full, and require a solid support. A 10-15 cm-thick concrete slab is ideal for these purposes.

It’s absolutely essential to have your hot tub installed on a ground level flat surface to allow for ease of access. Your power supply must also be a dedicated RCD protected circuit – this electrical component will be provided to you by Ampt Over Electric.

Hot Tub installation is a relatively simple process however speed is never prioritized over safety. Our team will work diligently to ensure a successful and safe installation of your hot tub so that you can relax at your leisure and comfort.

Our Service Guarantee

Every new electrical construction venture comes with our Electrical Code and Safety Guarantee. All equipment, materials and services provided will meet or exceed the electrical code of the city of Calgary. On every project we complete, we maintain 100% compliance with the Alberta Electrical Codes and Standards. All of our contractors are also accompanied by a master or journeyman electrician, ensuring that your project is completed to the highest standards.

Our electricians are courteous, clean, punctual and will always make sure to double and triple-check every aspect of your project to ensure that all elements run smoothly and safely.

Ampt Over Electric is committed to providing high-quality services for our clients. So if you have a hot tub that you would like to install on your property – don’t hesitate to give us a call at (403) 862 – 1782 to book your free consultation. You can also visit our website at

Calgary Electrical Service

Calgary Electrical Service

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