Committed and Professional Commercial Electrical Services in Calgary

Ampt Over Electric has been helping businesses with commercial electrician services for decades. We are licensed and insured commercial electricians with an A+ BBB Rating and we offer top-rated emergency electrical services in Calgary. Trust Red Seal Certified Electricians, our Electrical Service, and Electrical Code Guarantee!

Our electricians in Calgary are friendly, punctual, and educated and provide fast service without compromising the high standards that local business owners uphold. Contact us if you’re looking for someone to get the job done right, guaranteed!

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Calgary Electrical Service

Call Only Locally Trusted Commercial Electrician Services

Have you ever had an electrical emergency and contracted an electrician in Calgary that only left you with subpar work, code violations, and perhaps even lawsuits? Hiring professional commercial electrical services to work on your property today is extremely important to budgets, safety, and deadlines.

At Ampt Over Electric, we are a fully licensed and fully insured team of Calgary electricians with decades of experience in working with commercial businesses in electrical contracting situations. We hold an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and are highly rated no matter where you look online.

It is very important to work with a commercial electrician that understands deadlines and can work with other teams that may be doing construction work at the same time. Electrical contracting, commercial renovations, property maintenance, new home construction, and commercial service emergencies are all part of the trade we have been practicing for decades.


Our Commercial Electricians Code & Safety Guarantee

Every job that our commercial electricians complete at Ampt Over Electric comes with a Code & Safety Guarantee. All equipment and materials we use meet or exceed the electrical code in Calgary.

All necessary electrical permits will be acquired in-house by us and all proper electrical inspections will be completed. We ensure 100% compliance with electrical standards and safety on every project we work on.

Calgary Electrical Service

Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

Hiring Commercial Electrician Services in Calgary

Professional commercial electrician services like Ampt Over Electric will always offer you value for your money but most importantly, a warranty for their electrical services.

Working with us, you can rest assured we carry two million dollar liability insurance, CWB, and hold all of the proper electrical certifications.

Put your trust in us and leave the work to professional electrical contractors with decades of experience who will do the job right the first time. Here are some tips when looking around to hire an electrical contractor in Calgary.

Many property owners have fallen victim to “cowboy” electricians who over-promise yet under-deliver. Consequently, making commercial electrical work is even more expensive.


Most licensed electricians in Calgary specialize in general residential electrical service and repairs. New residential construction, commercial buildings, or warehouses that require experienced electrical service should always consider working with a well-recognized electrical contractor.


Here are some tips to consider when looking for an electrical contractor that you can trust.
  • Are they licensed?
  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have electrical certifications?
  • Are they able to pull electrical permits?
  • Do they have good reviews?
  • Do they showcase their work?
  • Do they have references?
  • Do they have a website?
  • Do they answer their phone?
  • Are they punctual?

Doing online research is very easy when looking for a residential or commercial electrician. Do the research and hire professionals that you trust to get the job done right!

Calgary Electricians Commercial Renovation

Electrical Services by Commercial Electricians in Calgary

It is the responsibility of an electrical contractor to install and maintain all electrical components and devices within a building regardless of the construction size. Can your electrician handle heavy-duty commercial electrical needs for your building, such as working through commercial electric lighting, and commercial electrical panel upgrades while keeping your business safe and injury free?

Commercial electrical contractors face a lot of pressure to boost productivity and efficiency which mostly comes down to proper time management and allocation of resources.

The key is to work with reputable commercial electricians and an electrical company in Calgary that has been in the business for a long time and has the experience to ensure that your project gets completed as promised in a timely manner.

General Services by Our Commercial Electricians

If you are building a sizeable property, it is imperative to have all your wiring including other electrical work and fixtures up to code.


In this case, you need a commercial electrician who is an expert at repairing or replacing including diagnosing all types of makes and models of commercial electrical equipment. Things like electric panel upgrades and complex wiring in some buildings should not be left to an uneducated electrician.


We have worked in hundreds of commercial properties professionally including assembly plants, warehouses, retail shopping centers, wineries, office buildings, and the list of commercial properties goes on. Needless to say, We are comfortable diagnosing the problem honestly and providing an economic solution.


Ampt Over Electric provides a full range of electrical services from the beginning stages of any project to its end. We are here to get you wired! Some of these electrical contracting services include but are not limited to:


  1. Interior and exterior commercial electric lighting system installation.
  2. New construction and remodeling.
  3. Retrofitting existing lighting systems.
  4. Fire alarm, surge protection, and security systems installation.
  5. Energy conservation upgrades.
  6. Electrical panel upgrades and installations.
  7. Door entry and keyless system upgrades.
  8. Building maintenance.
  9. Emergency Service calls and much more.

Whether you are building a new home, doing a commercial renovation, or simply requiring a service electrician on call. The service process requires innovative ideas, friendly character, and superior experience.


We are a proud Calgary electrical contractor who can provide commercial electricians for a renovation that brings comfort and peace of mind to our clients.

Under Contruction House

Commercial Electricians for New Building Construction

New home building is exciting, however, working with building companies can be challenging if you are not experienced with this type of electrical work and process.

We have worked with new wineries, office builds, custom home builds, and many other new construction projects.

Some electrical contractors are able to complete projects that would normally take six months in less than three months, therefore, having a realistic timeline and hiring Ampt Over Electric who can excel on-site while working could greatly affect the budget set for the home.

Electrical Audits and Assessments by Commercial Electricians

A professional energy audit or assessment is important before any electrical construction is carried out. Our certified electricians in Calgary can help you identify the areas of your property where energy will be used inefficiently and further advise you on measurable and cost-effective improvements that save money on energy bills.


An energy audit, especially for old buildings, is also beneficial because it can uncover hidden structural and safety problems such as improper ventilation or damaged wiring which can cause mold, mildew growth, and fires and affect the health of those residing within.


New Construction Electrical Codes

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), improper wiring is the largest cause of property damage and accidental electrocutions. These safety hazards can be easily mitigated even prevented with an electrical property inspection to ensure all electrical wires, systems, and components meet legal safety standards.


Our commercial electricians in Calgary are certified in carrying out electrical safety inspections intended to ensure safety and compliance with all relevant regulations and safety codes.

Electrician Working in Home Renovation

Commercial Electricians for Renovation Projects

Unlike residential renovation projects, Commercial buildings are built on a large scale, which makes them expensive to run. They, therefore, require the latest upgrades and features to ensure that their electrical systems are running smoothly and efficiently.

Energy-efficient buildings conserve energy and reduce unnecessary energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and demand for non-renewable resources.

Consulting with a certified commercial electrician for renovation can help you remove the guesswork in any renovation. They can provide insightful advice when selecting the latest electrical features such as high-efficiency wiring or lighting that will extend the life of your electrical system.

The most important things can sometimes be the easiest to overlook through an electrical renovation. When it comes to your property’s hidden electrical issues, anything from faulty connections to dirty electrical panels, loose parts and exposure to moisture can cause a safety hazard.


When left unattended, such problems can cost you more in terms of electrical maintenance or repairs in the long term. While there are simple electrical safety tips to keep yourself and your business safe, it is always recommended to call a certified electrical contractor in Calgary to carry out any wiring, electrical maintenance, or electrical repairs to your property.


Countless times we have arrived at a job site to begin fixing what someone has attempted to do themselves and made the problem worse. Fatalities and severe injuries can happen when dealing with electricity when you are untrained and it is NOT a good time when something happens to you. Take the safe road and let our commercial electricians take care of the issues for you. Injuries are never worth the money you would have saved.

Residential Property

Property Maintenance Electrical Services by our Commercial Electricians

A seasoned electrical contractor in Calgary knows the value that scheduled maintenance and timely service calls can bring to the table. Our commercial electricians in Calgary provide prompt service for our current clients and are very capable of taking on more work.

Our commercial or residential electricians help identify problems with your property’s electrical connections to not only help you reduce unplanned outages but also to check the operation of your system and consequently prevent further damage if any.

Having a good electrical property maintenance system in place can help you mitigate issues such as voltage sags, swells, and transients that have been known to reduce power efficiency, consequently, causing higher utility bills, as well as potentially damaging your property’s overall electrical functionality and reliability.

Be Preventative About Property Maintenance

Electricity is one of the greatest technological innovations of mankind and an important part of running our homes, businesses, and industries at large. It would be hard to think or live without power. To prevent or deal with costly and unnecessary headaches.


Prequalify a certified electrical contractor that you can trust to provide service to the buildings you take care of.


Scheduling an appointment for electrical maintenance with a certified electrical contractor who has a proven track record in resolving various electrical problems that you already know will help streamline the quality and operation of your property management system.


DIY Property Maintenance Electrical is a Bad Idea!

While it can be useful to know about the condition of your property’s wiring system, your safety is paramount. DIY projects may sound appealing, however, they tend to make things worse, we see it all the time!


Additionally, in the field of electrical property maintenance, there are quite a few rules and regulations that need to have adhered to that only a qualified commercial or residential electrician is well aware of to ensure any electrical work complies.


When it comes to household electricity, high bills, frequent electrical surges, flickering lights, damaged appliances, sags, and dips in electrical supply, electrical shocks can all be a sign of electrical problems on your electrical circuits.


Not only does hiring a qualified electrical contractor help to ensure that there are no underlying problems with your electrical system but will also ensure your safety, provide prompt emergency service, and save you money in the long run.


Commercial Electric Lighting Services by our Commercial Electricians

All of our master/journeyman electricians are well experienced in lighting displays, parking lot lighting, facility re-lighting, fluorescent tube retrofitting, lighting system upgrades, pot light installation, track lighting, LED lighting upgrades, and most likely every other kind of lighting you have seen around Calgary.

We take care of everything when it comes to commercial lighting. This includes the equipment and products along with any necessary electrical permits that the work may require.

We ensure that we ethically and safely dispose of any leftover material and lamps removed and leave the property in a clean respectable manner. Our professional commercial electrical services are locally trusted by thousands of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A commercial electrician plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses and commercial establishments. They are highly skilled professionals specializing in electrical systems for commercial buildings, offices, factories, and other business settings. Their importance lies in several key areas. Firstly, they install and maintain electrical systems, including wiring, lighting, and power outlets, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. Secondly, they troubleshoot electrical issues, promptly identifying and repairing faults to minimize downtime and prevent potential hazards.


Lastly, they help businesses save energy and reduce costs by providing energy-efficient solutions and recommending upgrades. In summary, commercial electricians are indispensable for businesses, as they ensure electrical safety, reliability, and efficiency, allowing uninterrupted operations and peace of mind. Therefore, if you are looking for the best electrical contractors in Calgary, look at Ampt Over Electric, our A+BBB-rated business.

Commercial electrical services are professional solutions for businesses, organizations, and commercial establishments. These services encompass a range of tasks related to electrical systems and equipment in commercial settings. They include installing, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting electrical systems, such as wiring, lighting, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, and transformers. Commercial electricians are skilled professionals who ensure that electrical systems are safe, efficient, and up to code in commercial buildings like offices, stores, factories, hospitals, and schools.


They may also handle projects like upgrading electrical systems, installing energy-efficient lighting, or setting up backup power systems. Therefore, these services aim to meet the specific electrical needs of businesses to ensure smooth operations and compliance with electrical regulations.

A commercial electrical panel is crucial to a building's electrical system. It is a metal box that contains various electrical components, such as circuit breakers, switches, and fuses. Its primary purpose is to control and distribute electricity to different areas and equipment within a commercial establishment, such as offices, stores, or factories.


The electrical panel receives power from the main electrical supply and divides it into separate circuits, each serving specific areas or devices. Circuit breakers within the panel help protect against electrical overloads or faults by interrupting the flow of electricity when necessary. This ensures the safety of the building and its occupants while providing reliable power distribution for various electrical needs in commercial settings.

Commercial electrical installation refers to setting up electrical systems in buildings and establishments used for business purposes. It involves installing various electrical components, such as wiring, outlets, switches, circuit breakers, and lighting fixtures, to provide power and electricity for commercial activities. These installations are designed to meet the commercial space's specific electrical needs, considering factors like load requirements, safety regulations, and energy efficiency.


These installations are typically more complex and demanding than residential installations due to businesses' larger scale and diverse electrical needs. Qualified electricians and professionals perform these installations to ensure proper functioning and safety.

The main difference between commercial and domestic electrical work is the scale and complexity of the projects. Domestic electricians typically work on smaller residential projects, while commercial electricians work on larger, more complex projects in businesses and other commercial settings.


Domestic electricians typically install wiring, lighting, and appliances in homes. They may also repair electrical systems and troubleshoot problems. On the other hand, commercial electricians may install and maintain electrical systems in large buildings, such as hospitals, schools, and office buildings. They may also install security systems and fire alarm systems.


In addition to the scale and complexity of the projects, there are also some differences in the types of equipment and materials used by domestic and commercial electricians. Domestic electricians typically use smaller, lighter-duty equipment, while commercial electricians use larger, more powerful equipment.

Calgary Electrical Service

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