10 Reasons Why You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Usually, when we replace an electrical panel (also called a breaker box), it’s because the panel is outdated and dangerous (a fire hazard), the home needs more electrical capacity than the old breaker box can handle (breakers keep tripping), or there is a problem with the functioning of the panel (they can be damaged by aging and moisture).
What many homeowners don’t realize is that there are other advantages to updating your breaker box. We’ve compiled a list of reasons to why you should!

1) Your Home is Old

Old residential apartments offer cozy and retro atmosphere. This is not present in a modern home. However, these older apartments with obsolete electrical panels may not be able to support your modern electrical needs. If your old home has a 60-amp electrical panel, you may need to upgrade electrical panel to 200 amps.

This way, you can use modern electrical equipment you need. This is very important to consider especially if your home is built before 1970.

2) Updated Electrical Panels Add Resale Value to Your Home

Studies have shown that a new electrical replacement panel can actually be worth between $2,000 and $5,000 to a home’s value. That provides an immediate return on the investment to upgrade the electrical system.

3) Introduce New Appliances (saving energy and money)

Furthermore, outdated electrical panels may not be able to handle the workload required to power an entire home of new major appliances. This includes your refrigerator, air conditioning unit, hot tub, dryers, water heaters, and washing machine. The majority of these electrical appliances require a 240V circuit. If you want to introduce new appliances, electrical panel replacement or upgrade will be imperative to your appliances working at their best capacity.

According to recent data, a new electrical panel can save anywhere from 10-30% on energy use. A brand new panel from is tailored to provide the electrical load required, not the maximum electrical load that it can pull from the grid. This optimization helps to reduce power consumption and electrical costs over time.

4) Replace Fuse Box with Breaker Panel

What’s more, fuses have become outdated. Circuit breakers are now more efficient. They do not trip off due to overload. An electrical panel replacement offers you an excellent opportunity to replace fuse box with breaker panel. In case you are wondering why should I upgrade my electrical panel? Then, you may need to do so to replace your fuse-based electrical system with circuit breaker.

5) Prevent Potential Electrical Fires

Electricity can be deadly if not handled properly. New electrical panels include arc fault protection, GFCI protection, and surge protection so your home, the people in it, and expensive electronic equipment, are all safer. All of these factors also prevent damage to the electrical system itself and will help you avoid expensive repairs.

Over time, over-crowded connections can turn to loose connections. Thus, causing a wiring fault which can potentially lead to electrical fires. An Electrical panel upgrade can help prevent possible electrical fires.

6) Ensure Steady Flow of Electricity

Additionally, a new electrical panel will help ensure the steady flow of electricity. With this, you don’t have to worry about issues of burnt out appliances and flickering lights.

7) Add More Appliances

From time to time, you may need to add more electrical appliances to your home. If you replace fuse box with breaker panel, you can easily add even more appliances to your home. Also, you don’t have to worry about blowing any fuse, tripping your breaker, or damaging your current appliances.

8) Expect Fewer Power Surges When You Upgrade Electrical Panel to 200 amps

Furthermore, electrical panel replacement or upgrade also prevents recurring power surges. If you upgrade electrical panel to 200 amps, you can anticipate fewer power surges. Thus, adding more years on your current devices.

9) Reduce Homeowner Insurance

In addition, electrical panel upgrade can help in reducing your homeowner’s insurance bill. When you replace fuse box with breaker panel, your home becomes safer. Hence, you will qualify for a discount on your annual bill. You will also benefit from rebates and discounts from the local electrical company.

In case you are wondering why should I upgrade my electrical panel? Then, a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance is a great reason to.

10) Save Cost

Moreover, scheduling an electrical panel upgrade will help save cost. A new panel runs more efficiently. Therefore when you update your electric panel, you can save you money on your electric bill every month.

There you have it! Above are some of the reasons to why you should consider electrical panel upgrade. Upgrading your electrical panel will ensure steady flow of electricity and prevent potential electrical fire hazards. Doing this will also help reduce your homeowner’s insurance. Once you upgrade your upgrade electrical panel to 200 amps, you can be able to introduce new appliances.

If you ever find yourself asking the question: why should I upgrade my electrical panel? The above reasons indicates that it is an excellent idea.

Now if you’re having any of these issues, you should consider having your electrical panel upgraded or if you have a fuse box, changed for a modern electrical panel which will make your technological life so much easier.

That being said, if you need this type of work done, make sure you call a professional electrician from AMPT Over Electric to get the job done, and get it done right.

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