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You don’t have to be an interior design enthusiast to improve your home and enjoy these trade shows in Calgary. Home improvement is something every homeowner looks forward to. It provides an opportunity to get rid of old and unfashionable stuff and bring in new and unique things. Upgrading your home can be a very exciting process.

One of the best places to get some home improvement ideas is by going to local trade shows. There are plenty of exquisite and vintage items that you can get from a trade show. Some of the items you get cannot be found anywhere else. Speaking of trade shows, there are five trade shows in Calgary that you must attend if you are looking for new trending home improvement ideas.

We always get excited about these trade shows because they keep us engaged with the Calgary community and as a Calgary electrical company this couldn’t be awesome to us!


Home Electrical Repair Homeowner Warnings

BUILDEX Calgary  – Trade Shows in Calgary

BUILDEX Calgary isn’t Alberta’s largest trade show and conference for no reason. This trade show attracts more than one hundred and seventy five exhibits and more than forty accredited seminars. Individuals in the construction, renovation, architecture, interior design, property management, electrical all meet at this trade show to exchange ideas and just interact. In one year, the BUILDEX trade show attracts 3,500 attendees. Quite a number of people right?

Tickets to BUILDEX sell out very early even before the actual day of the trade show. This comes as no surprise because BUILDEX is the perfect place to get everything you need for your home improvement.

The exhibitors are from various well established brands when it comes to home construction, designing and decoration. Over the years, the number of exhibitors in the BUILDEX trade show have immensely increased providing the best opportunity for a home owner to get some ideas. The items exhibited at the trade show are made by the best in the industry. It is a one-stop for everything unique and outstanding in the homes industry.

The BUILDEX trade show is one of those events that you simply cannot miss.

Visit there website here: Buildex Alberta.

The Calgary Home + Garden Show – Trade Shows in Calgary

We cannot talk about trade shows and fail to mention the Calgary Home and Garden Show. This trade show is not just a favourite among locals but also celebrities who grace the event as speakers. Set at the Stampede Park, the trade show attracts many high value exhibitors. It is a gathering of Canada’s most popular designers, gardeners and specialists in home improvement.

Experts deliver the best insights about improving your home and taking care of your garden. There is a vast array of products in every stall that you cannot fail to get something that catches your eye. It is practically impossible to leave the trade show without getting yourself a distinctive and valuable item.

The best thing about the Calgary Home + Garden Show is that the information provided in the seminars is very relevant to anyone looking to improve their home. The right people to advise and give direction are there. You don’t just go home with free stuff. You also have some valuable information to help you throughout your journey of home improvement.

Visit there website here: Calgary Home and Garden Show

Calgary Fall Home Show – Trade Shows in Calgary

The Calgary Fall Home Show is indeed the show for every home. It features work done by top designers like Tommy Smythe. Besides top designers, the trade show is graced by celebrity presenters like Tiffany Pratt and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and many more. At the show, you will get inspiration to think outside the box when it comes to improving your home. For instance, works of interior designer Amanda Hamilton challenge you to embrace bold patterns, vivid hues, textures and patterns.

In addition, designs from all over the world including Milan, Mumbai, Miami and Tokyo are exhibited. If you want to transform your home to have more of a cultural feel, you will definitely get sweet ideas from the Calgary Fall Home Show.

Finally, you will get expert advice about home improvement from the best of the best in the home and design industry. You can also get a crash course in creating the ultimate homestead. Many items that will be on display including windows, flooring, cabinets and landscaping displays. You can shop all you want at affordable prices.

The Calgary Fall Home Show is one exciting trade show that you cannot afford to miss.

Visit there website here: Calgary Fall Home Show

Calgary Renovation Show – Trade Shows in Calgary

When renovating your home, it is very easy to be frustrated with what exactly you should change and how to go about changing it. The process can be difficult but the rewards plentiful. The good news is that the Calgary Renovation Show is there to help you out. During this trade show, a lot of innovative new tech products are exhibited which can be useful for your renovation.

Furthermore, there are state of the art renovation experts who will give you advice on what you need to do and educate you on what to avoid when renovating your home.

The guest speakers who attend the Calgary Renovation Show are experienced and give information that is vital to any homeowner looking to improve their home. In a span of three days, you leave the trade show well informed to undertake any home renovation or at least have the ideas that you wanted. You don’t just leave with information but also tools and free stuff that can help you with your home improvement.

Don’t approach a home renovation blindly and end up getting frustrated. Go to the Calgary Renovation Show and get some ideas on how to go about it. Always be sure to hire experienced contractors in Calgary when moving forward with renovation.

Visit there website here: Calgary Renovation Show

Conclusion – Trade Shows in Calgary

If you are looking to get some home design inspiration, then this is a must attend a trade show in Calgary. These events showcase the latest trends in furniture, interior designs, remodelling, furnishings, custom lighting, patio installation, smart homes and more.

People from the decoration, home and office design, furniture, and lighting industries get to exhibit their best products. Be assured that these products will be the newest and most innovative on the market. Calgary trade shows are the best place to get ideas on how to inject some freshness into your home.

Home improvement will be an exciting process if you attend any or all of these trade shows. You will get useful ideas, advice and items to make your home look brand new. Good luck!

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