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Code & Safety Guarantee:

Every project at Ampt Over Electric is a testament to our unyielding commitment to safety and regulatory compliance, ensuring every task meets or surpasses the Electrical Code in Calgary.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Ampt Over Electric embodies the essence of professional integrity and hard work, consistently delivering enhanced electrical services with utmost respect for you and your property.

Qualified Staff:

Our team, ranging from Professional Electrical Contractors to Red Seal Journeyman Electricians, exemplifies top-tier expertise and licensure, ensuring unparalleled proficiency in every task.

Innovative Solutions:

Leveraging two decades of experience, Ampt Over Electric stands out with its creative solutions and a robust foundation of knowledge, backed by a solid one-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Commitment to Cleanliness:

Recognizing the importance of your space, we at Ampt Over Electric not only provide top-notch electrical solutions but also work to leave your space as immaculate as we found it.

Family-Driven Courtesy:

As a family-run business, Ampt Over Electric prides itself on fostering open and friendly communication, ensuring a pleasant and respectful experience throughout your electrical project.

Timeline and Budget:

Understanding the dynamics of project management, Ampt Over Electric is firmly committed to adhering to your established timeline and budget, with a focus on setting and achieving reasonable targets.

Communication Always:

At Ampt Over Electric, we prioritize keeping you informed and involved, ensuring transparent communication and collaborative solutions for any project changes.