Is it worth upgrading electrical panels?

Upgrading Electrical Panels

Upgrading electrical panels is like providing the home with a new heart. The functions of an electrical panel in a house cannot be downplayed. Upgrading electrical panels allows a licensed electrician to ensure that all connections work safely and provide an adequate amount of power for the entire home to guarantee the efficient running of all appliances and electrical fittings. Whether it is an older home or a new home, upgrading electrical panels is the way to go for inestimable benefits.

Is It Worth Upgrading Electrical Panels?

Upgrading electrical panels can turn out to be a costly project, but it is worth it. You and your house will benefit from upgrading electrical panels in diverse ways. If you are wondering if upgrading your electrical panel is the best thing for you at this time, below are reasons why investing in upgrading electrical panels is worth it.

1. Increased Home’s Safety
When electrical fires happen, the most common cause of the incident is outdated our overwhelmed electrical panel. About 500 deaths are recorded annually from fire accidents caused by electrical panels. So, upgrading electrical panels reduces the danger of fire accidents to homes and families.

It is, therefore, a worthwhile investment to keep your family safe and avoid fire incidents that may be caused by faulty electrical systems. No matter the homeowner’s insurance coverage you have, some valuables can never be replaced if lost in a fire.

2. Increased Energy Output
Upgrading electrical panels makes providing the home with a stable and adequate power supply possible. Older electrical panels usually fail to ensure a stable and consistent power supply, which is one of the reasons for flickering or dimming lights experienced in older homes.

Besides, inconsistent power supply usually results in overloading circuits and breakers will trip regularly. But with an upgraded electrical panel, the house is assured of increased, consistent, and stable power supply. Consequently, upgrading electrical panels is worth it.

3. Protection of Electrical System
An overwhelmed electrical panel is dangerous to your electrical system. The panel’s failure to handle the energy demand of the newer appliance will result in inconsistent and inadequate power supply to newer electrical appliances, which can damage the system.

By upgrading the electrical panels, the electrical system will be protected against damage. You can use different appliances, such as laptops, smart TVs, and game consoles without fear of damage.

4. Adding Extra Circuits and Outlets
Upgrading electrical panels makes it possible to install additional circuits and outlets which will make it easy to power appliances and electronics. There will adequate amount of circuits to meet up with the electrical needs in the house without compromising the panel’s integrity or overloading it.

5. Increased Property Value
Upgrading electrical panels is one of the home improvement projects that can increase the value of the house. Given that electrical panels have a lifespan of 20-30 years, the building may not require an electrical panel upgrade for the next 30 years and the house will be protected against electrical faults and fire usually caused by overwhelmed electrical panels.

With the high amperage of the newly installed panel, the value of the property will increase, and it will be easy to attract high-paying potential homebuyers in case you are selling the home.

6. Improved Aesthetics
Upgrading electrical panels allows upgrading the home with modern and better outlets, which makes the house ready for modern living. Besides, there is the possibility of adding the latest home appliances to the house without the fear of overwhelming the electrical panel. Modern outlets will undoubtedly enhance the home’s curb appeal and can be the focal point.

7. Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Made Possible
Bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects are an excellent way to improve the home’s functionality, aesthetics, and value. However, the projects may be stalled if the electrical panel cannot supply the needed power to support the improvements.

Upgrading electrical panels allows homeowners to think outside the box to improve the home starting with the kitchen and bathroom. New appliances can be bought and installed in the kitchen and bathroom. A hot tub and kitchen appliances can be installed without worries.

8. Possibility of Extending the Home
Assured that the electrical panel in the home is up to the task, homeowners can embark on home extension projects: adding an extra bedroom, a backyard shed, a basement bar, and lots more. This is usually appealing to potential homeowners when they see that the electrical system of the house is top-notch. Given the above, upgrading electrical panels is worth it.

9. Sign of Good Property Maintenance
Nothing degrades a house more than the lack of maintenance. Maintaining a house involves all aspects of the improving building, such as structural, plumbing, electrical, waterproofing, roofing, and lots more. Upgraded electrical panels reflect the good maintenance habit of the homeowner. If the property is to be listed for sale on the real estate market, it will be worth the asking price.

10. Energy-efficient Home
Having electrical panels that can provide adequate and consistent energy will make the appliances and systems in the home run efficiently, using minimal energy possible. An outdated panel will undermine the efficiency of the installed appliances while upgrading the electrical panel will resolve all the energy efficiency issues in the house.

11. Improved Quality of Life
Homeowners can improve the level of comfort and quality of life in their homes by installing modern equipment. They can install high-end appliances and make the home comfortable; thus, improving the quality of life. As a result, if you want to improve your quality of life, upgrade your electrical panel.

Final Thoughts

From the above, it is clear that upgrading electrical panels is worth it. Reiterating the improved safety and fire prevention benefits, the project is worth every single dollar spent on it. Safety of life and property is paramount, and installing electrical panels that will prevent fire outbreaks is a wise investment.

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