Electrical Wiring Upgrades to Consider During a Home Renovation

During home renovation, homeowners often ignore or forget about the electrical system. That is because most parts of the electrical system stay hidden from sight. Homeowners only get to remember it when the renovation they make to their home is not compatible with the electrical system. But by this time, it is too late, and upgrading the electrical system will become more expensive.

It is advisable to perform electrical wiring upgrades when renovating your old home or remodeling a modern house. Doing this has several benefits. Your electrical system will meet the modern safety standards and recommended guidelines. In addition, you can adapt the system to your current or future lifestyle.

Modern electrical wiring will boost your home’s value and earn you more income if you intend to sell the property, says Cressman Realty. It is also an opportunity to replace faulty wiring that can cause blackouts, power surges, electrical shocks, or fire outbreaks. Even when your electrical system does not pose any safety threat or appear old, it may still be outdated and require an upgrade when you renovate your house.

There are several wiring upgrades you can perform in your house. However, we have selected the top six essential electrical upgrades you should consider during your home renovation. They include the following:

Electrical Wiring Upgrades

Install additional outlets

The electrical needs of your home tend to increase over time. That is the case, especially when you intend to grow your family. For that reason, we advise that you upgrade and install more outlets in your home. You may want to add outlets in the following rooms
Extra outlets in the kitchen will accommodate the modern, massive, or demanding appliances.
Outlets in children’s rooms will enhance their lighting system and support the current entertainment systems and video games.
Recently, people are upgrading their homes to include home offices because they work from home. Your home office will need extra outlets for computers, laptops, and other appliances.
It will be valuable to install extra outlets when renovating your outdoor space. Install the outlets in your decks or patios.

Sometimes, you may notice that when you plug in an appliance in your home, the plug falls off from the outlet. If the outlet is functional, it will have a firm grip on the plug when you insert them.

But when the outlets wear out, the plugs start to fall off after insertion. It is essential to replace the outlets when you notice this. Doing so will prevent electrical sparks, fires, and arcs.

Electrical Wiring Upgrades
Electrical Wiring Upgrades

Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)

GFCIs are safety devices that immediately trip off the electricity supply of the outlets if they come in contact with any form of moisture. Older homes did not have this feature in their electrical system. It is crucial to install GFCIs in your kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces when upgrading your old home.

The building codes of your region may mandate the installation of GFCIs. Even when it is not mandatory in your city, it is essential for safety reasons. That is because GFCIs prevent electrical shocks and fires. We recommend that you install enough GCFIs at the appropriate locations.

Upgrade the electrical panel

Home renovations often come with an upgrade in appliances and the installation of modern gadgets. Older panels have low quality and may possess limited spaces for more circuits. If you install modern appliances in your home and still use the old panel, there may be a limited power supply to meet the upgraded electrical demand. 

Sometimes, the panel may be too outdated for your modern home. For these reasons, it is wise to update your home’s electrical panel.

Update the electrical wires

Older homes use cables that no longer meet modern safety standards and requirements. Also, modern appliances have variable demand for power supply. Older wires may not have the capacity to provide the needed power.

If you keep old wiring after updating your gadgets, expect electrical system overload, power surge, electrical fire, or shock. Since these wires are behind the walls of your home, the best time to update the wiring is during the home renovation.

Install whole-house surge protectors

Simple power strips fail to provide protection during a large-scale electrical storm. The best form of protection is the whole-house surge protection measures. For that reason, we advise that you install them during your home renovation.

In a nutshell

Electrical upgrades improve your quality of life, boost your home’s value, and make the property safe for habitation. Always consult your electrician for suggestions when you want to renovate your old house or update the modern one. They will inspect your home and make recommendations peculiar to your property.

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