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When it comes to an electrical panel upgrade in Calgary, our electricians have you covered! Ampt Over Electric has been helping businesses with electrical panel service upgrades for decades. We are licensed and insured commercial and residential electricians with an A+ BBB Rating and top-rated residential electric panel contractors around the city. Trust Red Seal Certified Electricians, our Electrical Service Guarantee, and Electrical Code Guarantee!

Our Calgary electricians are friendly and punctual and provide fast service without compromising high standards. Contact us if you’re looking for someone to do the job right, guaranteed.

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Calgary Electrical Service

Trusted Electricians for Home Electrical Panel Upgrade In Calgary

Energy Demands for Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel, sometimes called a breaker box, is the center of your home’s or building’s electrical system. It controls all of the power supplies that flow to each circuit. The breaker inside the panel regulates all the electricity that passes through it to individual components throughout the building.

Attempting to upgrade an electrical service panel yourself is extremely risky. Electrical panels are not an area of your home where you want to attempt DIY fixes. Clearly, the repair of an electrical panel or an electrical panel upgrade in Calgary should be done by local licensed electricians.

Never attempt to repair or replace an electrical panel yourself. The danger to yourself and your property is simply too high to not be worth risking injury or damage.

Our professional electricians undergo years of education and training to safely and effectively repair Residential Electric Panel. Trust the safety of your home and family to the licensed residential electricians at AMPT Over Electric.

If you are operating a business, the consequences of self-repairs can be deadly. Only hire trusted commercial electricians to get the job done safely.

Calgary Electrical Service

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel
Energy Demands for Panel Upgrades

Residential Electrical Panel Upgrade Services in Calgary

The center of your home’s electrical system is the panel, which controls the electricity coming into your home and sends electricity to each circuit within. The breaker inside your panel is responsible for regulating the electricity passing through. There is a high risk of electrocution and damage to you or your home if a non-certified electrician attempts home electrical panel upgrade. Please do not remove this panel on your own!

Old electrical panels can be bad for many reasons. They can’t keep up with modern technology’s demands and can cause your electrical system to trip or start a fire. Whether you’re dealing with existing safety issues, water damage, renovations, or even resale, our Calgary electricians at AMPT Over Electric can help.

  • Local planning permits and approvals are received, and wiring is installed to current local codes
  • The upgraded panel will handle the commercial buildings’ electrical needs
  • Any dated wiring is repaired or replaced as needed
  • The use of safe and proper grounding materials and much more

Upgrading your electrical system is also a legal necessity if you use older components that still use fuses. Unfortunately, many outdated systems still don’t obey modern electrical codes. The upkeep of a commercial building can be overwhelming, but electrical upgrades should be a top priority.


Building owners must ensure that their property meets the latest electrical codes. Trusting the licensed commercial electricians at Ampt over other electricians will be a decision you will be glad you made.

Whether renovating or upgrading an existing commercial building, it is important to exercise care, and it is better to upgrade the electrical panel completely and have it maintained by a licensed electrical company in Calgary to ensure that your property meets the latest electrical codes.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Violations
Outdated Electrical Panel

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrade Services In Calgary

A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety and productivity of your business. However, if your property is older than thirty years, the breakers may not support modern equipment inside the building.

Putting off electrical service Panel upgrades can have serious consequences, making eventual repairs impossible or more expensive. Yet, we still see many commercial buildings with outdated electrical systems that can’t handle the needs of their equipment.

Commercial buildings often require specialty outlets and dedicated circuits for safe and efficient operation. An Electrical Panel Service guarantees the smooth operation of your business and ensures compliance with the city’s safety codes.

  1. You have a fused-based electric panel
  2. Circuit breakers trip frequently
  3. Breakers do not restore power even after being reset
  4. There’s an acrid smell emitting from your panel
  5. The panel box is corroded due to water damage
  6. There’s evidence of electrical fires from discolored marks near the circuit breakers
  7. You experience shock while touching appliances
  8. You cannot make out the labeling on the breakers
  9. There are humming or buzzing sounds from the panel
  10. The panel is excessively hot

Your breakers may only support some of the modern electrical equipment you utilize daily, especially if your property is older than thirty years, and putting off an electrical panel upgrade can have consequences.


Some of these can be hazardous, and repairs may be impossible or expensive. A properly functioning electrical panel is essential to the safety and productivity of your business.


However, many commercial buildings must keep up with modern technological advances in Calgary. They operate with insufficient electrical wiring that can’t handle their equipment's sheer quantity and power needs. Some commercial buildings require specialty outlets or Electrical Panel Upgrade Services for safe and efficient operation.


Not only does upgrading an electrical panel guarantee a business’ smooth operations, but it also ensures that the property complies with the city's safety code.


It is recommended to schedule a commercial electrical service panel upgrade during the weekend for minimal downtime or power interruption. Fortunately, Ampt Over Electric is always ready to avail itself at any time to provide a quality commercial service panel upgrade and installation service.


A lot goes into installing and maintaining electrical panels, and should only be performed by licensed and qualified commercial electricians.

Calgary Electrical Service

Process To Upgrade Electrical Panel – Ampt Over Electric

How do you know when it is the right time to need an electrical panel upgrade in Calgary, and what goes into the process of completing this service? There are many factors that can cause an electrical panel upgrade, from increasing the energy supply to accommodate new appliances to requiring an upgrade for an outdated and unsafe electrical system. The information below outlines the purpose of an electrical panel, indicators of when you should consider an upgrade, and the process involved in completing the task.

There are quite a few reasons you’d want to upgrade the electrical panel: your service doesn’t provide enough power for your home, your current electrical panel is not working correctly, or you have fuses instead of breakers.

One of the primary reasons for upgrading an electric panel is that it simply cannot deal with modern appliances. This is a large factor in installing air conditioning units, finishing basements, and adding hot tubs or Tesla chargers to your home. Large appliances that require more energy from your home’s electrical system contribute to why you may find your panel is not providing enough energy.

What is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is located in every building with electricity, also known as a “breaker panel.” Typically, this is a metal box with a door in the basement of a house mounted to the wall. Inside the panel are all the switches for electricity within the building. The breaker will shut off automatically if too much electrical current runs through it.

The commercial and Residential Electric Panel will have the main circuit breaker controlling everything. Individual breakers are responsible for providing electricity to a specific part of the house and will typically be labeled with what location they supply power to.

Why Do I Need to Upgrade my Electrical Panel in Calgary?

You should Upgrade Electrical Panel every 25-40 years. There are key signs to look out for that will tell you if your panel needs to be updated and kept safe.

Steps to Installing an Electrical Panel in Calgary

A certified Calgary electrician will ensure power is off for the entire building, which may involve more than just shutting off the main breaker. Your electrical contractor may need to contact your city or utility company for additional assistance. This step is very important to ensure the safety of the rest of the job. A certified electrician should complete all Calgary electrical services, and it is inadvisable to complete an electrical panel service upgrade yourself.

After your electrical contractor has confirmed that the circuit breaker has been turned off, they will remove the outer panel. They will then completely unscrew the panel and remove it carefully, avoiding any of the wires underneath.

Wires within the panel are considered live and connect the electric panel to the grid. These cannot be touched with the pane, screwdriver, or any tools; doing so would result in a dangerous electrical shock.

A Calgary electrician will then use diagonal-cutting pliers to sever all wires inside the existing electrical panel, making sure to label them beforehand to avoid confusion.

They will then unscrew and remove the old electrical panel from the wall.

Adding The New Electrical Panel

Once the old panel is removed, your contractor will now be ready to complete the home electrical panel upgrade.

Making space in the new panel for the breakers, they will then connect the neutral wire to the neutral bar, followed by the ground wire to the ground bar. Then connect the ground bar to the neutral bar. This is then followed by screwing in a large ¾-inch-thick plywood panel to the wall for mounting the new electrical panel.

Your electrician will then feed the SE cable through the top of the new electrical panel and then screw the panel to the plywood using a torpedo level to ensure the panel is level.

By feeding the house circuits into the panel, your contractor will ensure each cable passes through a cable connector.

Bare-copper ground wires and white-insulated wires are then connected to the ground and the neutral bar inside the panel.

The new circuit breakers are then plugged into the bus bar. Each breaker is then labeled with the correct house circuit. This will make this job easier for future updates or maintenance. Individual breakers, or fuses, are removed from the panel and set to the side.

The main ground wire is run from the bottom of the Electric Panel to the copper water main, followed by the disconnection of the neutral bar.

After contacting your utility company, they will reconnect the electrical cables to the exterior of your house, and each breaker will be labeled with the correct house circuit.

Every modern building requires electricity to run properly. There is an increased demand for electricity because of the increased need to accommodate more energy-hungry appliances that simultaneously require multiple sources of electricity in your home. In older buildings, this increase can put a strain on outdated electrical infrastructure. If you have a residential electric panel over a generation old (25–40 years), it could be time for an upgrade. If you begin to notice any of the signs listed above, consider an upgrade essential to prevent fires and dangerous electric shock accidents.

While the above information is meant to provide insight into the process to Upgrade Electrical Panel, then all electrical services, no matter how small, should only be completed by a fully certified and insured electrical contractor. To book your next electrical panel upgrade contact our team at Ampt Over Electric for your free consultation by giving us a call at (587) 806-4287.

Calgary Electrical Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrical Panel Upgrades Calgary

If your home was built about 30 years ago, the chances are high that your electrical panel may not meet your home’s electrical needs. So, plan to upgrade your electrical panel to avoid the risk of an electrical fire and electrocution when your electrical needs increase over time.


The cost of upgrading an electrical panel varies, depending on whether the electrician will move it, core it into cement, obtain permits, replace the service mask, and the scope of work involved. The average cost of an electrical panel upgrade in Calgary can range from $2,600 to $6,000.


Another factor that increases the cost is upgrading from a 60 Amp service to a 100 Amp service or a 100 Amp service to a 200 Amp service. The electrical panel upgrade may also need to be inspected to confirm compliance with Calgary's electrical code and bylaws.


This can come as an added expense to the projected average cost. Therefore, prepare to pay between $2,600 and $6,000 for an electrical panel upgrade.

Usually, you should upgrade your electrical panel every 25 to 40 years. Therefore, if you live in an older home, the chances are high that you need to replace your panel. Another critical reason to Upgrade Electrical Panel is when you no longer have enough power supplied to the home.


The reason why your panel cannot provide adequate power to the house is most likely due to the lack of capability to deal with modern appliances. As a result, if you intend to install a new appliance such as a hot tub, air conditioner, or electric vehicle charger, the existing electrical panel may not suffice – you must upgrade it.


If you decide to install a new appliance without Home Electrical Panel Upgrade, your circuit breakers will keep tripping. Besides, your home may be at risk of electric fire outbreaks or electrocution. Consequently, you must upgrade your panel to ensure enough power is supplied to your home.

An electrical panel’s primary function is to divide the electrical power coming from the grid into the home's subsidiary circuits. This is to ensure an efficient and proper power distribution throughout the building. Usually, an electrical panel is expected to be replaced every 25-40 years.


So, if you want Home Electrical Panel Upgrade from a 100 amp to a newer 100 amp service will not supply additional power to the home. However, if you are upgrading from a 60 amp to 100 amp or from 100 amp to 200 amp, this will supply more power to your home. Your home will continue to have a steady electricity flow.


All issues previously experienced, such as burnt-out appliances, blowing fuses, flickering lights, and power surges, will be over. Besides, you will have peace of mind, never getting worried about the electrical panel causing fire or damage to your home.


Also, an electrical panel upgrade means a decrease in your homeowner’s insurance bill.


As a result, homeowners that upgrade their panels are usually given a discount to reduce their risks. Replacing your panel can mean saving a lot of money in the future.

The cost to upgrade an electrical panel is necessary to protect your home value, improve power distribution in your home, and ensure safety. If you want to upgrade your electrical panel from 60 Amp to 100 Amp, it means you want to comply with the Building Code in Calgary.


60 Amp Electrical Panel Service has been outlawed and does not follow the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC), and they are no longer allowed according to the city bylaw in Calgary. You unavoidably must upgrade your 60 Amp services to 100 Amp in Calgary.


Given the necessity to upgrade your 60 Amp to 100 Amp in Calgary, the electrical panel upgrade will cost around $2,600 to $5,000. The cost depends on if the electrician needs to move the panel, and core into cement, upgrade the service mask, materials, permits, City bylaws, and the scope of work involved.


Be prepared to upgrade your electrical panel for compliance reasons, have adequate power in your home, and prevent a fire accident.

Replacing a 100 Amp electrical is not a do-it-yourself project – you must hire an experienced and licensed electrician. The replacement project will include repairing or replacing old wiring, adding a copper grounding pole, and replacing the old panel.


The cost for a panel upgrade is $2,600 - $5,000 depending on if the electrician needs to move the panel, coring into cement, materials, permits, City bylaws, and the scope of work involved. Request a quote from a qualified electrician to know the cost of replacing your 100 Amp electrical panel.


The cost has captured the expenses involved in checking with your local planning department for local requirements or restrictions. Permits costs are also included in the estimated cost to replace your 100 Amp panel.

Upgrading your electrical panel from 100 Amp to 200 Amp is a step in the right direction to protect your home against dangerous overloads, electrical fire accidents, and an inadequate power supply.


Despite the cost, upgrading your panel to 200 Amp has several good reasons. One of the reasons for upgrading your panel is increased safety, as the 200 Amp panel will give your home’s electrical system more breathing room to avoid safety issues likely to be caused by overload.


Besides, you will have more circuits to distribute power effectively in the home than you currently have with your 100 Amp electrical panel. Finally, upgrading your panel to 200 Amp provides room for new devices such as a tesla home charger installation, a hot tub electrical installation, or any high-demand electrical home enhancements.

There are differences if you need to go with a 200 amp service instead of a 100 amp service. Although many people do not consider it needful to upgrade to 200 amp service, the differences are there. The major difference between the 100 amp and 200 amp is that the latter is larger, twice the size of the 100 amp.

The larger size offers more circuits in 200 amp compared to the 100 amp service. With a 200 amp service, you will capture more electricity coming to your home from the grid. Besides, a 200 amp service enables your home to handle several modern electrical devices such as water heaters, electric baseboard heating, hot tub installation, spas, home Tesla chargers, and electrical renovations.

A 200 amp service’s capacity helps overcome shorts and power outages more than a 100 amp service, especially when using heavy-duty electric appliances like home Tesla chargers or hot tubs. A 200 amp service ensures that your home receives the adequate amperage required to run your appliances optimally.

Besides the larger capacity of a 200 amp service, it is also larger physically because it holds more circuit breakers. Therefore, it is always advisable to hire reliable Electrical Panel Service providers like Ampt Over Electric to help you with the installation.

A 100 amp service may have conveniently powered your home before now. However, you unavoidably need to upgrade your electrical panel from a 100 amp service to a 200 amp service when you need to get more power in your home.


If you want to upgrade your electrical appliances to modern grades, you need more power. The increase in amp required by the bulk of modern appliances has made upgrading your 100 amp service to a 200 amp service necessary.

Consider upgrading to a 200 amp service when there is a requirement for more power when undertaking one or more of the following:


  1. Hot Tub Electrical  Installation 
  2. Tesla Home Charger Installation
  3. Central air conditioning system installation
  4. Electric baseboard heater installation
  5. Electrical Renovations 
  6. Solar Panel installation
  7. Saunas, Heaters, Pools

Note that renovation projects require compliance with the existing building code and electrical code of the city. As a result, the 100 amp panel will be upgraded to cater to modern electrical and electronic appliances. The project will be inspected and certified, significantly impacting your homeowner’s insurance cost.

Of course, several steps are involved in home electrical panel upgrade. The process involves several steps as outlined below:


  1. Find a licensed, experienced, and approved electrical contractor for the project – never attempt to upgrade an electrical panel yourself, except if you are a qualified electrical contractor.
  2. Get a written contract outlining the project, materials needed, information about warranties and quality checks, and payment terms to be drafted and signed by both parties.
  3. Purchase the needed Residential Electric Panel and other materials needed for the upgrade.
  4. Get the required permits from the local building authority.
  5. Schedule an inspection of the new upgrade
  6. Enmax disconnect and reconnect is $600.
  7. Correct any permit issues and evaluate compliance with the code
  8. Schedule a final inspection
  9. Connect the new electrical panel and label the circuits appropriately.
  10. Handing over the project to the homeowner.

Meanwhile, the electrical contractor should ask the homeowner about their plans to add a new appliance to the home. This will help, as the proposed appliance’s power will be factored into the panel’s installation to guarantee efficiency and optimal performance.

The electrical panel is the center of the electricity supply in a home or building. As a result, when upgrading or replacing a Residential Electric Panel, you need an electrical permit. An electrical permit is crucial for any electrical work. This ensures that the installations are professionally and safely done.


A licensed electrician or electrical contractor must carry out a panel upgrade. A licensed contractor understands the best industry standards and safety codes to meet.


A permit allows the project to be inspected, corrected, and certified as compliant with the building code and safety. During the project, the inspectors will ask the electrician questions regarding the project and check the installed panel and components.


No addition, alteration, or replacement shall be made to any existing panel, wiring, appliance, or device without an electrical permit. As a result, hire an experienced electrical contractor or licensed electrician to upgrade your panel. The electrician is expected to be familiar with the building and electrical codes and obtain the needed permit.


It is important that you have all previous renovations permitted. If there are no permits, the city expects all work to be brought up to today's electrical code which can come as a costly expense.

Calgary Electrical Service

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