Electrical Panel Upgrade Code Requirements for Calgary

Electrical Panel Upgrade Code

Electrical panel upgrade becomes non-negotiable in homes when the existing panel becomes overwhelmed and fails to apply the needed power to the appliances in the building. Older homes wired about 30 years ago and homes with electrical panels that have become incapable of meeting the energy needs in the home have to upgrade the existing panels.

Meanwhile, the electrical panel upgrade project is not child’s play. Therefore, some codes and standards must be met before the upgrade can take place or be approved. There are Canadian electrical codes that guide electrical panel upgrades but can vary from one area to another.

It may not be necessary to upgrade the home’s electrical panel, except when one of the following factors or conditions exists:

1. The electrical panel is not big enough to meet the electrical loads from the modern appliances used at home.
2. Frequent tripping of circuit breakers or blown fuses
3. Flickering or dimming lights.
4. The electrical service does not meet the current electrical safety codes, causing insurance companies to refuse to insure the home
5. The electrical system is more than 25 to 30 years
6. There is a planned extension or remodeling of the home or additional outlets
7. Addition of modern appliances to the home.

Given the above, it becomes mandatory to upgrade the electrical panel to ensure safety and an adequate supply of power to the appliances in the home. However, if you want to ensure that the electrical panel is properly sized to cater to all your electrical demands satisfactorily, you must meet the electrical panel upgrade code Calgary.

The best way to guarantee that the electrical panel upgrade code requirements in Calgary are met, it will be best to hire a licensed and experienced Calgary electrician or contractor. Meanwhile, for knowledge and convenience, some of the electrical panel upgrade code requirements are explained.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Code Requirements for Calgary

Upgrading electrical panels is one of the best ways to make the home safe. However, the following electrical panel upgrade code requirements must be satisfied:

1. Height
One of the electrical panel upgrade code requirements is the height at which the panel must be installed. As the box servicing the home, it must not be within reach, especially of children. The minimum height of an electrical panel is 4 feet. However, the ideal height should be from 5 to 6 feet but the maximum height recommended for the panel is 6 feet.

For the electrical panel upgrade to meet code, it must be at least 4 feet high and not higher than 6 feet. Due to the danger it poses, electrical panels should be installed beyond the reach of children.

2. Location
Another important electrical panel upgrade code requirement is the location of the breaker box within the house. According to the code, an electrical panel cannot be installed in a bathroom.
We are talking about electricity here; it would be inappropriate to install the panel in the room that poses a high risk of exposure to water and moisture.

Installing an electrical panel in a bathroom is dangerous and exposes residents to electrical shock or electrocution if anything goes wrong. The ideal place for an electrical panel in the house is in the basement or near the main entrance – somewhere that is dry and free from water exposure and extreme moisture.

An electrical panel installed where does not meet code must be relocated appropriately during an upgrade to meet code or standard and guarantee safety. Only electrical panel upgrades that meet code will be approved.

3. Accessibility
The electrical panel upgrade code stipulates that the panel box must be accessible without lifting or moving any objects. It is against the code to install an electrical panel behind a bookshelf or in a concealed location. It must have clear space to open easily, unhindered.

Besides, it is recommended that the electrical panel must have at least a three-foot clearance around it for unobstructed access to the panel box. When opening the electrical panel box, its door should be able to open to a 90-degree angle without obstacles. The recommended height of 4-6 feet should be maintained.

Inaccessible panels are not up to code. As a result, electrical panels should not be enclosed in a stairway, within a closet, or in a bathroom as mentioned earlier. In case the circuits tripped off, it should be easy to locate the electrical panel.

4. Proper Identification of Circuits
The circuits or breakers in the electrical panel must be clearly labeled – they must not be left unidentified. The electrical panel upgrade code specifies that everything must be marked clearly in the panel, indicating their amperage ratings and the parts of the house they control.

Leaving the breakers unmarked or not labeled can be confusing making the homeowner helpless in case of a circuit trip that needs to be restored. Proper labeling enables the homeowner to have full control over the energy distributed to every part of the home. In the event of an issue with certain outlets in a part of the house, the relevant circuits can be turned off until a certified electrician arrived to examine and fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

The above are the essential electrical panel upgrade code requirements in Calgary. They are established for safety reasons and electrical panel upgrades must adhere to the standard requirements. Keep in mind that having a licensed Calgary electrician work on the wiring and electrical panel ensures safety and efficiency.

The appliances in the home will have their electrical  demands met satisfactorily. Are you planning an electrical panel upgrade in your Calgary home? Are you searching for a Calgary-licenced electrical company to hire for your electrical system needs? Do not stress out; contact us today at Ampt Calgary Electricians. We assure you of an enhanced experience.

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