Economic Benefits – Converting your Home to LED Lighting

Converting a home to led lighting


LED lighting has taken over the lighting industry by storm, thanks to the numerous benefits that can be derived from this modern lighting system. If you want to enjoy the economic benefits that come with installing LED lighting, you may want to consider hiring a certified electrician to complete the conversion properly. The benefits and savings that customers can get by having AMPT Over Electric to convert their homes to LED lighting are abundant. They include, but not limited to the following;

  1. Economic Benefits of LED Lighting

There are many cost benefits that can be enjoyed by replacing the existing lighting in your home with LED lighting. Letting us complete your LED lighting project will slash your normal power bills by up to 90%. Another economic benefit is a quick ROI; the savings that you will make from your power bills will quickly cover the initial investment with two and a half years being the average payback period. After that you will continue saving every year. You can also take advantage of government grants that give financial incentives for installing LED lighting in commercial and residential buildings within Calgary. 

  1. Electrical Safety that comes with LED Lighting

Home electrical projects can be very dangerous, hence it’s important to ensure that your electrician is experienced and certified for your own safety and for the safety of your loved ones. LED lighting is considered to be a safer electrical system because they do not give off nearly as much heat as traditional bulbs. One key reason to have your LED lighting installation done by AMPT Over Electric is that we are experts in safety codes and government regulations. Our team ensures a safe installation within your home. We will install LED lighting fixtures and other essentials in your home safely.

  1. Specialized Skills required to install LED Lighting

Converting traditional lighting systems to LED is a complex job that requires specialized skills. Having the ability to come up with safe, practical, versatile, efficient and environmentally sustainable designs is crucial. Unfortunately, not every electrician that you may come across possesses these important skills.

At AMPT Over Electric, we complete hundreds of these LED lighting conversions every year. Whether it is in the designing of a safe, practical, efficient or environmentally sustainable LED lighting system for your home or office, we are the right professionals to contact. We are also happy to provide technical advice about lighting projects and plans that you may be considering in the future.

  1. Experience in converting a home to LED Lighting

Working with electricity requires a high level of experience. The knowledge and skills that are gained through time spent undertaking electrical projects coupled with the ability to think on your feet is key to accomplishing results in this line of work. Here, there is no room for mistakes; any slight error made by an electrician due to inexperience or poor decision making puts everyone at risk.

Our customers benefit a lot from our unrivalled experience. When it comes to home electrical projects, there is no better company to call in Calgary to go to for assistance than AMPT Over Electric. We have professionals who have worked in the industry for many years and that means they have encountered and resolved various types of situations that may arise in this line of work.

  1. Outdoor LED Lighting

Besides serving for lighting purposes, LED lighting systems can also be an important part of your outdoor décor, especially your landscape design. If you invest a lot of time and money into your landscaping, outdoor custom LED lighting design can be a perfect way to showcase the look of your home, especially at night. You can accent your garden, water fountains, walkways and other landscape design features with LED Lighting. Outdoor LED lights can also provide illumination for your walkways and pool. This will not only improve the look of your home, but also increase the safety around your property, especially at night.


LED lighting is an investment that pays off pleasantly. The creative transformation of your traditional lighting system into LED with AMPT Over Electric can reduce your monthly power expenditure, improve the safety around your home, and better showcase the look of your property. At AMPT Over Electric, we will use our experience and expertise to set up an LED lighting system that meets your needs. Call us today to inquire about your LED lighting conversion.

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Jorden McCullough,

Master Electrician, CEO of Ampt Over Electric.
Jorden, is a highly skilled Red Seal Master Electrician, with over 20 years of experience serving Calgary’s communities in a commercial and residential electrical capacity. AMPT Over Electric was established in Alberta in 2009 and proudly serves Calgary and surrounding areas. Our goal is, and has always been, to build relationships in business on integrity and respect. Our commitment to our community is to provide safe, high-quality electrical service. In order to guarantee that, we only employ competent Calgary electricians who share the same passion that we do.

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