Dangers of Aluminium Wiring in Residential Homes

Electrical wiring is an important aspect of your home and there are many dangers of aluminium wiring that all home owners should be aware of. It goes without saying that having a reliable and properly installed electrical wiring system that powers your home safely should be one of your top priorities. In this particle article we want to talk about the materials used in residential homes. Materials that are can in residential wiring include aluminum and copper with each material having its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Over the past few decades, aluminum wiring has been a popular choice for Calgary home builders due to its relatively affordable costs. The wire itself is safe, the problem occurs when the wiring is connected to the devices and plugs as these are rated strictly for copper wiring. Aluminium wiring is such a malleable material that when used incorrectly can expand and contract causing loose connections and eventually arcing. Aluminum wiring is fast becoming obsolete because of this issue. Today, home builders in the city of Calgary no longer utilize this type of electrical wiring. However homes built in the 1960s and 1970s that still have this type of wiring can be at extreme risk.

There is one exception to this however, if you can find a device that is rated for aluminum wiring then it can be used without fault. Keep reading for more on the dangers of aluminium wiring.

What Is Branch Circuit Wiring?

A circuit is comprised of a wire connecting a power source to fuses, switches, and a device that consumes the energy flowing through the circuit (load). In simple terms, branch circuit wiring is a certain type of electrical wiring system that runs from a circuit breaker panel to the switches and devices in the house.

While branch circuit wiring is considered to be the best solution for aluminium wiring in a residential home, the dangers and disadvantages of this type of wiring are abundant and well known. They include, but not limited to the following;

  1. Creeping

Aluminum wiring expands more than the majority of other residential electrical wiring materials when it heats up during electric current. The repeated expansion and contraction as the wire gets heated up and cooled down, causes it to creep out from under the terminal screws that hold the wire in place. Creeping wire can result in loose connections, causing a number of issues within your home, including fires, sparks and short circuits.

  1. Oxidation

Oxidation is a major problem when aluminum wire has been connected. At the point of connection, a piece of bare aluminum wire typically gets exposed to air (oxygen), thereby forming a layer of aluminum oxide. This will make the wire less conductive, hence resisting the current flow. This may generate a significant amount of heat and cause fires in your home.

  1. Excessive Vibration

Electrical current vibrates as it flows through the wiring. This vibration is more extreme in aluminum than it is in other wiring materials and overtime can cause connections to loosen. Having loose electrical connections can cause fires, sparks, and short circuits in your home.

  1. Corrosion

Another real dangers of aluminium wiring is the fact that the metal will easily corrode when it comes into contact with charged copper. Given that copper is the most common wiring used in residential construction in Calgary, your aluminum wiring is also likely to feature some copper at certain points, which will likely react negatively with the rest of the electrical system. A corroded electrical wiring system poses a major risk to your family and property.

  1. Aluminium Wiring and Insurance

Aluminum wiring and home insurance do not mix. Insurance companies naturally want to avert the high risk that is associated with aluminum wired homes. If your house has aluminum wiring that does not conform to the proper specifications laid out by government regulations, you may have a hard time finding a company that is willing to provide you with proper home insurance coverage. If you are lucky to find an insurance company to insure your home, read the fine print because the policy will likely not cover the costs of damages including fires in your home. And if it does, the price of insurance may be significantly higher.


Aluminum wiring is not essentially a bad thing if it is installed properly, but having aluminum electrical connections in your home, which are not safe and do not conform to the right standards is. Do not let unqualified Calgary electricians turn your home into an unsafe habitat with substandard and dangerous aluminum electrical wiring.

We are the best Calgary aluminum wiring professionals holding years experience in the industry. Words cannot sufficiently describe the importance of having certified and experienced electricians to handle your aluminum wiring project. After your home has been rewired, your home will be safe from hazards like overheating, sparks, fires, and short circuits. What’s more, finding an insurance provider for your home will not be a problem and you can enjoy the cost benefits of reduced coverage.

The dangers of aluminium wiring are very real. The process of replacing aluminum wiring in your home does not consist of replacing all of the wiring in your home. At Ampt Over Electric, we replace all of the slices that go into the devices in your home without disturbing any drywall which will stop any faults from concurring. Leaving your home and your loved ones worry free and safe. Call us and we will remove your shorts.

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